We have received really positive feedback from our Parent Workshops. Responding to our feedback survey, 100% said they were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’.

One parent wrote:

“Your workshop has changed day to day life in my family in a way I never thought possible. My son’s anxiety had taken over our lives and I was tired from years of trying (and failing) to deal with it. My perspective had been clouded by feelings of frustration, guilt, worry, and helplessness. Not only do I now feel equipped with the tools to help my son, but your workshop has re-framed him in my mind and helped me to reach the child behind the behaviour. I can’t thank you enough!”

Another parent has written the following blogs about her experience and what she has learnt from attending one of our workshops:

Parents have really valued:

“Looking at different ways of opening discussions and acknowledging fears”
“Explaining anxiety, triggers & positive ways to help understand your child’s emotions”
“Focus on the practical and theoretical”
“Interesting discussions and opens your mind to new ways of looking at and handling situations”
“Thinking traps, calm behaviour, grounding techniques, muscle relaxation, breathing”
“It touched upon lots of way to support and not just one route”
“Group discussions” and “Talking to someone with the same issues”