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Embrace Psychology is an independent psychology practice offering support to children, parents and family members affected by childhood mental health difficulties. We are based in South East London, although we can travel further for workshops and consultations.

We provide parent workshops, consultation and training to organisations alongside individual therapy for children, teenagers and parents.

Embrace Psychology is run by two Clinical Psychologists with a collective experience of over 15 years working in the NHS, providing psychological therapy to children and adults. Drawing upon clinical evidence and our own specialist experience, we offer an individualised and compassionate approach to your child’s difficulties.

Parent Workshops

We run workshops across South East London for all parents who wish to attend. These workshops are often based in local libraries, schools and community centres.

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If you would like to attend or organise a parent workshop then please find out more and contact us.
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Parent Workshops in Schools

We work with local schools to offer workshops for all their parents.


Please get in touch with your school’s pastoral support (e.g. SENCO or Safeguarding Officer) or Headteacher.
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Consultation, Supervision & Training

We offer consultation, supervision and training to individuals and organisations who want to develop their understanding, approach and support plan for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people in their care and their families. This could include support to schools and nurseries.

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We also welcome concerns related to a specific young person or people they want to support, with the family’s consent.
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Individual Child & Family Support

We offer individual packages of assessment and therapeutic support for children, teenagers and parents.

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If you would like more information then please get in touch.
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Our Values

Early Support

We often hear parents and young people saying they wished they had received support when the difficulties first started. It’s at this time where there is the greatest opportunity to make effective and long-lasting changes for everyone’s emotional well-being. We feel strongly about providing early support to children and families to prevent problems from becoming deep rooted. We aim to provide accessible, timely and adaptable support when families need it the most, in order to promote resilience and positive mental health in young people.


We understand the pivotal role that parents and carers can play in nurturing the positive emotional well-being of their children.This is what inspired us to run workshops for parents and carers on topics such as childhood anxiety. We aim to provide parents with a greater understanding of their child’s difficulties and empower them with confidence and evidence-based strategies to respond helpfully and compassionately. We have received really positive feedback from parents about our workshops which you can read below.

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